Specialist Diploma

Hospitality Management. Concentration: Hotel Management

3rd Edition
Course Code: 213505
Category: Specialist Diploma
Language: English
Start date: 04/10/2021
End date: 15/10/2022
Day and Time:


Location: ON LINE
Places available: 30

Reasons for doing the course

With the online MHM you will:

  • Enhance your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to disrupt the hospitality industry.
  • Define a strategic business plan acknowledging the key factors of leisure and tourism world.
  • Get a firm knowledge of the hospitality industry and keep updated about the latest trends and innovations.

Who the course is for

  • Young professionals who are already in the hospitality industry and wish to fast-track their careers.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to become the new managers of the hotel and food and beverage industry.
  • Professionals from other backgrounds who want to switch into the hospitality world.

Professional outings

The online MHM will give you the tools and skills to develop your professional career in:

  • Hotel General Management
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Events or Restaurant Management
  • Marketing, Finance and Sales
  • Consulting and Development
  • Rooms Division Management
  • Any other hospitality related position