Master in Business Administration and Law

1st Edition

Reasons to take the course

The demand for training in the field of business and institutional management is increasingly intense. This program combines the knowledge of several essential areas to function in this world: economics, law and administration sciences. Having competencies in all of them is an important way to satisfy this training need, both for those who occupy positions of responsibility in companies or organizations, and for those who want to start their own economic activity.

In the particular case of this program, the training is fundamentally aimed at making all these aspects of European business culture accessible to foreign students.


The Master in Business Administration and Law (MBAL) aims to provide a solid training in business and legal analysis required by economic activities in a global environment. In particular, the emphasis is on the training of professionals with managerial responsibilities in companies, foundations or public and private institutions.

The target group of the MBAL are foreign students, especially of Asian origin, who want to know the peculiarities of the business culture in Europe