Hospitality & Tourism Accomodation Management (february)

16th Edition
Course Code: 220522
Category: Master
Language: English
Start date: 13/02/2023
Last session face-to-face session: 01/02/2024
End date: 29/02/2024
60 ECTS / 348 hours presencials
Day and Time:

Monday to Thursday from 5 pm to 9 pm

Location: Escola Universitària de Turisme Euroaula (Barcelona)
Places available: 25

Reasons for doing the course

This Master focuses on boosting a professional career as hotel managers, area managers or entrepreneurs, by acquiring the necessary knowledge for decision-making in the different tourist accommodation areas, where hotel planning and management work is required. Focused on acquiring technical knowledge for decision making in the tourist accommodation sector, the Master's student will assimilate in a practical way the skills and the necessary strategic skills for the management of a hotel. Also, will acquire the main competencies to develop leadership capacity to lead teams and be the financial manager of hotel establishments.

Entry requirements

  • Official University Degree
  • If the official Degree is not from Spain, it will be necessary to translate and legalize it
  • In case of not having an official Degree, a document must be submitted with the last studies
  • Copy of your passport / DNI (ID)
  • Motivation letter
  • Current curriculum vitae


This Master aims to develop students’ career as directors, area managers or entrepreneurs, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for decision-making in the tourism accommodation sector. Within the tourism and hospitality sector, a knowledge of hotel planning and management is essential. 


  • Acquire the technical knowledge required for key decision-making in the tourism accommodation sector.
  • Assimilate the skills and strategic vision required for managing hotels.
  • Learn in depth about the core tools used in Revenue Management and e-Commerce.
  • Develop the ability to lead teams and manage finances in hotel establishments.

Professional outings

  • Hotel Director
  • Hotel Sub-Director
  • Tourism Consultant
  • Entrepreneur

Promoting entities