Master in Legal Culture

9th Edition

Reasons to take the course

The Master's Degree in Legal Culture provides comprehensive and long-lasting training that allows students to handle tools beyond the simple knowledge of the Law of a particular subject or country.

The Master in Legal Culture is aimed at Asian students. Its objective is to expose them to the fundamental elements of Western legal culture and, in this way, enter into the different areas of Law with a critical sense.


The programme aims to strengthen the training of professionals of Asian origin by providing them with the tools to function in the European and Western legal environment in general. To this end, the courses offer in-depth knowledge of the historical development of Western Law, its current problems and future possibilities for development.

The Master's programme is designed to be completed in one calendar year and meets all European Union quality standards for Master's degrees.

Promoting entities

Collaborating entities

  • Escola Superior de Justiça
  • Instituto de Educação Superior Latino Americano