Specialization course

Revenue Management in the Hospitality Industry

1st Edition
Code: 184091
Typology: Specialization course
Language: Anglès
Initial date: 04/02/2019
Last session face-to-face session: 19/02/2019
End date: 19/02/2019
5 ECTS / 40 On-site hours

De dilluns a dijous de 17 a 21 h

Place of completion: Parc Científic i Tecnològic de la UdG (Girona)
Spaces: 10

Reasons for doing the course

  • Skills-based learning: The aim of this program will be to compile and consolidate knowledge and experiences that will allow you to become an excellent Revenue Manager, within the Hospitality Companies field.
  • Practical methodology: The contents presented will be put into practice, enabling you to learn how to solve the sector’s real problem areas.
  • Lectures given by qualified and experienced professionals: You will learn from recognized professionals who will use their wide knowledge and real experiences to teach you.

Who are you targeting?

  • University graduates in Tourism who wish to become Hospitality Managers.
  • University graduates with similar degrees or diplomas who wish to specialize in the field of Hospitality Industry Revenue Management.
  • Tourism professionals who aim to further their knowledge, develop new skills, and have new professional experiences.

Admission requirements

University training in Tourism and Hospitality Management or professional experience accredited in this field.


The Revenue Manager is the person in charge of planning, deciding, and controlling the sales process to maximize revenue through price determination and inventory control. The Revenue Manager profile is that of an analytical person who can manage demand behaviour, based on the analysis of various indicators, and through the application of diverse techniques for pricing and fixing product/service terms and conditions. The main aim of this course is to convey the skills, knowledge, and tools required to manage income in the Hospitality Industry.


  • To master the concept of Revenue Management.
  • To analyze tourist accommodation demand behaviour for various markets.
  • To identify the key competitor accommodation establishments, and to position the product for decision making.
  • To forecast annual demand and define the accommodation rates calendar.
  • To define different rates for products and services or packages.
  • To optimize the daily rate, according to the general budget and real demand.
  • To control inventory of accommodation establishments, and availability in sales channels, obtaining the maximum possible profit from their distribution.
  • To use the main indicators and to implement Revenue Management best practices and techniques.
  • To know the principal support tools for Revenue Management.

Professional outings

·Revenue Manager in the Hospitality Industry.

Promoting entities

  • Fundació UdG: Innovació i Formació
    Fundació UdG: Innovació i Formació

Collaborating entities

  • Unió d'Empresaris d'Hostaleria i Turisme Costa Brava Centre
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