Detailed information on personal data management

Who is responsible for managing personal data?

The Fundació Universitat de Girona: Innovació i Formació (FUdGIF), CIF G17318080, located at Parque Científico y Tecnológico de la Universidad de Girona (Centro de Empresas Giroemprèn),  Pic de Peguera, 11, Girona (postcode 17003), tel. 972 210 299, email address (hereafter FUdGIF). The Data Protection Delegate (DPD) may be contacted via the following email address:

With what purpose is the data managed?

The FUdGIF stores personal data in order to register enrolment and thus provide the educational services requested. The data provided, and that which results from the educational activity, will serve in the assessment of the aforementioned activity, academic record management, and user identification for FUdGIF services. The data will also serve to provide access to these services, send information of interest and process, issue and register qualifications.

For how long is data stored?

The data is deleted when it is no longer necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected. The most relevant data, such as that necessary for the verification of the studies undertaken, is stored permanently. The criteria for the storing or deleting of data are based on the regulations governing public documentation or derived from those governing the exercise of public duties.

What is the legal basis for data management?

Data is managed from the time of consent of the interested party, in compliance with the contractual relationship (provision of services) and in the public interest, as in the case of the provision of educational services.

With whom is the data shared?

In the case of qualifications recognised by the University of Girona, the data is shared with this institution for the record and so that the relevant certificates can be issued. In the case of educational activities organised by agreement with companies or other institutions, the data is shared in accordance with the agreements signed. Where the activity includes external work placements, the data is shared with the host companies or organisations. When part of the coursework takes place in other educational institutions, data is also shared with these institutions.  Data is also shared with the tax authorities in compliance with tax regulations and with credit institutions in the case of monetary refunds.

Can other people, companies or institutions access the data?

The FUdGIF entrusts teaching to educators specialised in the material in the course programme. Teachers receive information concerning their obligation to comply with data protection regulations and make a formal commitment to handle data adequately.

In addition, the FUdGIF receives services from private companies who provide their experience and specialisation. On some occasions it is necessary for these external companies to access personal data. The FUdGIF only contracts services from companies who guarantee their compliance with data protection regulations. When these companies are contracted a formal commitment is made with them to ensure that they comply with codes of confidentiality and effective implementation is monitored. For example, certain data may be stored in servers contracted to specialised companies or the data must be managed by companies which offer IT support services.

What rights exist concerning data management?

Any person has the right to obtain information about whether the FUdGIF is storing their personal data. If so, they have the right to know where the data was collected, in the case of the data not having been collected directly, the purposes for which it is being stored and the transfers which have been effected or are expected to be effected. The law grants the interested party the right to access their data, as well as the right to request the correction of inexact data or, if applicable, request deletion when data is no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected and there is no obligation to store it. The deletion of data must be effected immediately when the FUdGIF managed that data based solely on the consent of the interested party. In certain circumstances, the interested party may request a limitation in the management of their data, a right which grants control over this data, mainly in view to correcting inadequate management and lodging complaints in defence of their rights.

How can these rights be exercised or defended?

All communication must be done in writing to the addresses included in the opening paragraph.

If a person considers that their rights have not been adequately defended, they may lodge a complaint before the Catalan Data Protection Authority (

To the same end, as well as to receive more information or clarification about FUdGIF data management practices, the Data Protection Delegate (DPD) may be contacted via the FUdGIF’s postal address or by sending an email to the following address: