Master in AMI Montessori Guide for Elementary Education (6-12 years)

Recognized by the International Montessori Association (AMI)

3rd Edition

Important: To avoid any problems during de enrolment process, we highly recommend you to use an Gmail email adress. Other domains can cause unexpected errors produced by the antispam filters.

Instructions to complete registration

The enrolment process is divided into 3 steps:
1. Information on the enrolment process
2. Registration form
3. Documentation and payment

Read the enrolment process instructions:

1. Information on the enrolment process

To begin the process, you must complete the registration form.
See the general enrolment conditions at the bottom of this page.

Information on the academic admission requirements:
You must bear in mind that in order to carry out a Master’s Degree or Postgraduate Course you must prove that you hold a University Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent. Otherwise, you will not be able to obtain a Master’s Degree or Postgraduate Degree. However, some activities also accept students without a university degree, in which case the final certification obtained by the student will be a certificate of attendance (*).

(*) The cost of the certificates is NOT included in the registration fee.

Before you begin the enrolment process, please check the Admissions requirements section of the activity and make sure you have all the documentation that must be attached.

2. Registration form

Fill out the registration form and check that the information you have entered is correct.

3. Documentation and payment

Review the documentation to be attached in this section:

– Copy of your ID or passport (required).
– Certified copy of your university degree or the receipt of the degree, if available (*).
– Curriculum vitae, if available.
– Motivation letter (required), which must include: knowledge and prior understanding of the Montessori method. Predisposition, skills and previous training to take this course. Experience with children and education. Experience with elementary schoolchildren (6-12 years). Motivations to participate in this course (professional, personal, etc.). Expectations on how the course will unfold. Curricular summary related to jobs that include teaching tasks.
– The submission of two recommendation letters by referees will be taken into account. They must include personal and professional information on the referee and the referee’s opinion on the academic ability of the applicant (description of the applicant’s knowledge, appraisal of applicant’s ability to take the course with grade-level work and to work with elementary-age school children) and the referee’s opinion on the applicant’s character and conduct. These letters can be submitted at a later date.
– Photocopy of the AMI Montessori Guide for 3 to 6 years certificate issued by the education centre where it was taken, in case you want to validate it. The number of hours must be specified.

(*)The photocopy must be certified with the original stamp or must bear an electronic stamp. This documentation must be submitted at the time of formalizing the registration or, at most, three months after the beginning of the course. The Academic Secretary of the Fundació UdG can certify the document if necessary. For the legalization of foreign titles, check the conditions here.

Once you have completed the enrolment process, the course director will contact you for a personal interview or a video call. If you are eligible, you will receive a confirmation email with the instructions for making the payment.

The payment of a course consists of pre-registration + registration.
Pre-registration: Within a maximum period of 7 days from the date of registration, the pre-registration payment must be made, which will be deducted from the registration fee and which will entitle the applicant to reserve a place.
Registration: To confirm registration, payment of the registration fee must be made 20 days before the start of the activity at the latest.

The registration fee can be paid in installments, you must request it to

Note: To complete the process, you must accept the general enrolment conditions.

* The Foundation reserves the right to cancel the course. The organization agrees to notify the registrants in advance and to refund the amount of all payments made.
* For amounts equal to or in excess of €200, see the Financing section if you wish to finance the registration fee.
It is an obligatory requirement for international students to obtain medical insurance before the trip. This insurance must cover assistance in the case of accident, illness and any other circumstances requiring medical assistance which could occur; including repatriation in the event of death. The insurance must cover the entirety of the study period and must be emitted by an insurance company recognised in Spain.


AMI Montessori Guide for Elementary Education (6-12 years)


Start date:3/07/2023

End date:1/08/2025

Last face-to-face session:1/08/2025

Duration: 90 ECTS / 644 hores presencials