Lifelong Learning Master's Degree in
Visual Tools to Empower Citizens

3rd Edition

Instructions to complete enrolment

The enrolment process is split into three steps:
1. Information on the enrolment process
2. Enrolment form
3. Documents and payment

1. Information on the enrolment process.

To begin the process you must fill in the “enrolment form”.
See the enrolment terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

Information on the academic admission requirements for masters and postgraduates :
Before starting the enrolment process, please consult the Admission requirements section of the activity on the course website.
Please bear in mind that in order to study a master’s degree or postgraduates degree you must prove that you hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification; otherwise you will not obtain the master’s degree or postgraduates qualification*. Some courses admit students without university qualifications; these students will be issued with a certificate of attendance on completing the course (*).

(*) Qualification certificate issuance fees are NOT included in the enrolment fee.

2. Enrolment form

Once you have filled in the form, check that the data entered are correct.

3. Documents and payment

Documentation for masters and postgraduates :
– Photocopy of your national ID document or passport.
– Attested photocopy of your university qualification certificate or provisional certificate (*).It can be attached in the same registration process or it must be submitted no later than 20 days before the start of the activity.

See here how to present your university degree.

Documentation for specialization courses :
– Photocopy of your national ID document or passport.

The payment of a course may be pre-enrolment + enrolment (when indicated expressly) or directly by enrolment.
Pre-registration: In order to reserve a place you must complete the pre-registration payment within seven days of the registration date. This amount will then be deducted from the enrolment fee.
Enrolment: In order for the enrolment to take effect, the payment must have been completed 20 days before the course start date at the latest.

Note: in order for the enrolment process to be finalised you must accept the enrolment terms and conditions.

* The Foundation reserves the right to cancel the course. The organisation pledges to provide those who have registered with sufficient notice and to reimburse all the amounts paid.

Lifelong Learning Master's Degree

Visual Tools to Empower Citizens

Code: 240058
Start date: 09/10/2024
End date: 27/06/2025
Last session face-to-face session: 27/06/2025
60 ECTS / 240 hours
Day and Time:

From October to March: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 4 pm to 7 pm.

From April to June hackathons will take place in online format on specific days (see the calendar)

100% of the classes will be held by videoconference.