Lifelong Learning Master's Degree in
AMI Montessori Guide for
Elementary Education (6-12 years)

Recognized by the International Montessori Association (AMI)

4th Edition


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Discounted registration until July 24, 2024: Fee 11,200€
Ordinary registration, starting July 25, 2024: Fee 11,800€

– Discount for companies:
- 10% discount for registrations of 2 to 3 staff members
- 15% discount for registrations of 4 or more staff members

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– To receive the discount, the pre-registration fee must be paid before 03-05-2024. Otherwise, the ordinary registration fee must be paid.

– In either case, the total amount of the enrolment fee must be paid 20 days before the start of the course, unless you have chosen to pay in instalments.

– It's advisable not to make accommodation or flight reservations without return insurance or accommodation until the course confirmation date, which will be June 17, 2024.


All enrolments have a pre-registration fee of 2,000€, which cannot be financed. The remaining amount can be financed in 7 instalments. These instalments have a 3.5% surcharge on the financed amount.

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