Lifelong Learning Master's Degree

Culinary Arts, Innovation and Kitchen Management

8th Edition
Code: 240573
Category: Lifelong Learning Master's Degree
Language: English
Start date: 23/09/2024
Last session face-to-face session: 21/05/2025
End date: 15/11/2025
60 ECTS / 480 hours face-to-face
Day and Time:

From Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 13:00 pm

Some topics may be subject to changes due to mise en place and post-service requirements, which will be communicated to students on the first day for their planning.

Period of curricular practices: 23/05/2025 – 15/11/2025
Maximum date of presentation of the final work: 22/05/2025
Possibility to attend face-to-face sessions by video conference: No
Class recording: No
Location: The Hotel School Sant Pol de Mar (EUHT StPOL)
Places available: 25

Reasons for doing the course

EUHT StPOL has been training professionals in the gastronomy sector for more than 50 years in its hotel-school. This long history, as well as the permanent contact with its alumni and other professionals in the sector, means that the program is adapted to the needs of today's gastronomic businesses. The master's degree has been adapted to the latest trends in cooking, with an emphasis on healthy cooking and sustainability, which are applied transversally throughout the program. In addition, the master's degree is eminently practical. The practical training of the professional chef is accompanied by a wide range of subjects that provide students with the competencies and management skills necessary to run and manage a kitchen in all aspects: food safety, costs, supply, processes, management skills, people management and diversity.

External practices

EUHT StPOL guarantees external internships, which are adapted to the skills, competences and profile of the students, as it is an individualised process. To this end, the Professional Development Days are held, attended by executive chefs, staff from the personnel department of the best hotel chains, gastronomic groups and Michelin-starred restaurants, to offer internships with a subsequent career plan.

Who the course is for

  • Graduates and gastronomy professionals with experience in the sector who wish to broaden and deepen their knowledge in this field.
  • Graduates in Hotel Management
  • Graduates in areas of gastronomy and culinary arts.
  • Professionals in the sector with two years of proven work experience in different areas of a professional kitchen
    Note: those who do not have a previous university degree will be entitled to receive, under the same conditions, a certificate of attendance granted by the Fundació UdG: Innovació i Formació.

Entry requirements

  • University degree in the field of gastronomy.
  • University degree not related to gastronomy but with proven experience in professional kitchens (minimum 2 years).
  • Professionals with a minimum of two years of proven experience in different areas of a professional kitchen.


The Master in Culinary Arts, Innovation and Kitchen Management is the evolution of the current Master. The gastronomy sector, and especially the kitchen, is very dynamic and meets the needs of an increasingly educated and informed clientele. For this reason, the EUHT SStPOL has updated the contents to adapt them to this need and to the technical and technological innovations of the sector. Likewise, and following the previous program, the aspects and competencies related to management and leadership in the kitchen or other gastronomic businesses are broadened and deepened to provide students with the necessary skills to lead, manage, motivate and retain talent. There are several reasons to carry out a course like this, but we will point out the following ones:

1.The majority of cooking professionals are capable of making more or less mechanical elaborations of the products that make up the dishes that are served to the customer. Companies in the sector lack professionals who can carry out an adequate planning to the trends and needs of the clientele, who are competent in the treatment and conservation of the raw material and know the critical points of their risks, who alsoº know how to apply the new technologies both computer and technical to the work in a  kitchen and finally who organize and supervise the administrative work of control of costs of the kitchen, besides carrying out the negotiations to make a good purchase process.

2.The training in culinary arts and kitchen management in this master's degree responds to the sector's need to improve the skills (upskill) of kitchen professionals in order to adapt them to new needs.


  • To acquire the management and administration skills of a kitchen department and/or a gastronomic business.
  • To apply the different cooking techniques according to the type of traditional, modern, avant-garde and thematic cuisine.
  • To apply new culinary techniques: vacuum, molecular cuisine, nitrogen, etc.
  • To know and analyze the experiences and trends in creativity and innovation in the kitchen.
  • To adapt to culinary trends, apply creative processes in the kitchen and constant research.
  • To master the documentary planning processes of the gastronomic offer of any category of events and control their costs.
  • To apply the processes of systematization and standardization in the preparation of the gastronomic offer of different types of events.
  • To acquire the skills required to direct and manage a kitchen or any gastronomic business.

Professional outings

  • Chef de cuisine
  • Chef de partie
  • Executive Chef
  • Gastronomic consultant
  • Head of the R&D department
  • Gastronomic Entrepreneur
  • Gastronomic consultant